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G. Gartner, A. Binn, J. Gabela, G. Retscher, V. Gikas, M. Schmidt, W. Wang:
"From project-based to problem-based learning in engineering disciplines: enhancing Cartography and Geomatics education";
Talk: 8th International Conference on Higher Education Advances (HEAdī22), Valencia, Spain; 2022-06-14 - 2022-06-17; in: "Eighth International Conference on Higher Education Advances", (2022), ISSN: 2603-5871; 423 - 430.

English abstract:
Engineering disciplines such as Cartography, Geomatics and Geodesy depend heavily on practical courses and "hands-on" education, both demand a strong "active" component of students and opportunities of systematic interaction loops between teachers and students. In this paper we discuss the enhancement of such classes through switching from a rather project-based learning focus on a problem-based learning mode. Experiences from several classes in this context, especially in the domain of Location-based Services, Cartography and Geomatics, are discussed and reasoning for further development of such a problem-based learning environment is given. The aim of "activating" students can be reached therefore.

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