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F. Vörös, G. Gartner, B. Kovacs:
"Driving and navigation habits of Austrian drivers";
Talk: 30th International Cartographic Conference (ICC 2021), Florenz; 2021-12-14 - 2021-12-18; in: "Proceedings of 30th International Cartographic Conference (ICC 2021), Vol. 4", P. Zamperlin, A. Cantile, M. Milli (ed.); (2021), 8 pages.

English abstract:
A proper navigation experience is essential while driving. A navigation device has not only to provide the driver with the right amount of information to find the ideal route (shortest, most spectacular, fastest), but also has to make driving safer. Since the driver looks at the user interface of navigation devices only for a few seconds, it is essential that the appropriate amount of information is in the right place. There are many options for drivers to navigate with: mobile phone app, PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)/PNA (Portable Navigation Assistant) or a built-in GPS Navigation System. The presented research examined the driving and navigation habits of 116 Austrian drivers by considering the
differences between the devices they use.

Car navigation, Location-based services, User experience

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