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D. Fairbairn, G. Gartner, M. Peterson:
"Epistemological thoughts on the success of maps and the role of cartography";
International Journal of Cartography, 7 (2021), 3; 317 - 331.

English abstract:
In the context of assertions that defining a map is an illogical and
futile exercise, this paper examines the distinctiveness of the
discipline of cartography and the success of the human endeavour that has produced `thingsīcalled maps. We contend not only that cartography is a coherent and distinctive discipline (although we do consider the semantics involved in, and rationale for, referring to it by that name), but that human society cannot function without maps. The major reason for this is that each map is created for a human or societal purpose -and this purpose defines the nature and utility of the map. The role of a map defines the very nature of a map itself, and we reflect on the creation, functionality, and success of mapping activity. This leads us to conclude with pointers to functional definition of the map.

Paradigms; definitions; Body of Knowledge; map functions

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