Publications in Scientific Journals:

T. Thalmann, H.-B. Neuner:
"Temporal calibration and synchronization of robotic total stations for kinematic multi-sensor-systems";
Journal of Applied Geodesy (invited), 15 (2021), 1; 13 - 30.

English abstract:
Despite the increasing interest in kinematic data
acquisition, Robotic Total Stations (RTSs) are still relatively
seldom used. No matter if Mobile Mapping Systems
or Control & Guidance, GNSS is mostly used as position
sensor, which limits the application to outdoor areas.
For indoor applications, a combination of relative sensors
is usually employed. One reason why RTSs are not
used is the challenging time referencing and synchronization.
In this work we analyze the challenges of a synchronized
kinematic application of RTSs and present solutions.
Our approach is based on a wireless network synchronization
to establish a precise temporal reference frame.
The achievable synchronization quality is thoroughly examined.
In addition we develop a kinematic model of
spherical measurements, that incorporates timing related
parameters. To estimate these parameters we propose a
temporal calibration utilizing an industrial robot. Both
parts of our approach are evaluated using a test setup of
two total stations, proofing an overall synchronization accuracy
of 0.2 ms. An overall horizontal kinematic point accuracy
of 2.3 mm reveals the potential of sufficiently synchronized

robotic total station, synchronization

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