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G. Retscher:
"Techniques and Systems for Wi-Fi Positioning";
Talk: GIS Ostrava 2021 - Advances in Localization and Navigation, Ostrava, Czech Republic (invited); 2021-03-17 - 2021-03-19.

English abstract:
Wi-Fi is one of the most widely used signal-of-opportunity for positioning and tracking of mobile users. It is widely adopted for smartphone-based indoor positioning systems due to the availability of already deployed infrastructure for communications. A high number of Access Points of public and private networks are visible guaranteeing a high signal ubiquity. The Wi-Fi signals have therefore a high potential to employ them for numerous applications for localization and guidance. Localization is either based on direct measurements of the Received Signal Strengths (RSS) of the surrounding Wi-Fi Access Points or on the measurement of the Round Trip Time (RTT) between the mobile device and Access Points. Localization methods therefore include lateration and fingerprinting algorithms. Depending on the positioning technique adopted different level of positioning accuracies are achievable. This workshop addresses the most commonly used localization approaches and algorithms. A special emphasis is given on novel approaches for RSS- and RTT-based positioning and their combination and integration into hybrid positioning solutions. The workshop provides an insight into the widespread use of Wi-Fi, such as the use and application for mobile devices, new emerging application fields for localization of mobile users in indoor, urban and transitional environments, Location-based Services (LBS), algorithm developments for these application fields as well as the use of new and traditional technologies based on Wi-Fi for indoor spaces. Several case studies will showcase the major application fields and the research requirements to go ahead.

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