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G. Gartner:
"Seeing the "perfect world" through Heinrich Berannīs Panorama Map of the Alps";
International Journal of Cartography (invited), 7 (2021), 1.

English abstract:
Maps are depictions of the real world. A lot of selection processes are taking place, a lot of decisions which influence what and how a story about a part of the world is being told. This does not always leave the map user with inspiration, with gained understanding, with pleasure.
Heinrich Berannīs panorama map of the Alps does. It comes close to showing the world as a perfect world, such as you would read this specific book or watch this specific movie which makes you feel somehow comfortable and gives you the feeling about how the world is just as it should be at the end eventually.
Berannīs magic was to achieve those feelings with maps. He is showing the world as a beautiful place, he crosses the border of art and cartography to evoke emotions and reactions. He arouses the desire to explore the map, to look into details while at the same time the overall composition is of such a coherent and harmonic type that it immerses yourself into the depiction right way.
Ultimately, the word which is used to describe the work of Berann is `panorama mapsī. He is using a panorama style to allow for an optimal view on a particular landscape. He is overexaggerating heavily those parts and elements he wants to show while at the same time, he is rigorous in what he does not depict. Both make Berannīs panorama maps look somewhat `cleanī, `orderedī and kind of `perfectī. Berann gives us an illusion, allowing us to dream.

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