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J. Gruber, J. Böhm, A. Nothnagel, F. Jaron:
"Simulation of VGOS observations at the raw data level with VieRDS";
Talk: 25th Meeting of the European VLBI Group for Geodesy and Astrometry, Cyberspace; 2021-03-14 - 2021-03-18.

English abstract:
Broadband observations of the VGOS system reveal new systematic influences within the interferometric magnitudes and phases that must be taken into account in the VLBI processing chain. These include, for example, the characteristic frequency response of the station or the nonlinear group delay contribution due to the ionosphere. Especially the correlation and fringe fitting analysis stages are affected by these systematics. In this talk, we present a novel software realization, called VieRDS, that simulates broadband VLBI observations at the raw data level. The approach is in contrast to existing simulation software packages that simulate at the group delay level. This presentation focuses on simulating the characteristic station frequency response of real VGOS telescopes and simulating the telescopes´ phase calibration signal. The simulation of a dispersive group delay for a VGOS broadband frequency setup will also be shown and analyzed in the VLBI processing chain. Simulation of the source structure effect and dual linear polarization is discussed as an outlook.

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