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G. Retscher, A. Leb:
"Development of a Smartphone-based University Library Navigation and Information Service Employing Wi-Fi Location Fingerprinting";
Sensors (invited), 21 (2021), 21; 37 pages.

English abstract:
A guidance and information service for a University library based onWi-Fi signals using fingerprinting as chosen localization method is under development at TU Wien. After a thorough survey of suitable location technologies for the application it was decided to employ mainly Wi-Fi for localization. For that purpose, the availability, performance, and usability ofWi-Fi in selected areas of the library are analyzed in a first step. These tasks include the measurement ofWi-Fi received signal strengths (RSS) of the visible access points (APs) in different areas. Themeasurements were carried out in different modes, such as static, kinematic and in stop-and-go mode, with six different smartphones. A dependence on the positioning and tracking modes is seen in the tests. Kinematic measurements
pose much greater challenges and depend significantly on the duration of a singleWi-Fi scan. For the smartphones, the scan durations differed in the range of 2.4 to 4.1 s resulting in different accuracies for kinematic positioning, as fewer measurements along the trajectories are available for a device with longer scan duration. The investigations indicated also that the achievable localization performance is only on the few meter level due to the small number of APs of the University own Wi-Fi network deployed in the library. A promising solution for performance improvement is the foreseen usage of low-cost Raspberry Pi units serving as Wi-Fi transmitter and receiver.

Wi-Fi positioning; navigation; location fingerprinting; RSSI-based positioning; probabilistic approach; information service; book tracking

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