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S. Böhm, D. Salstein:
"Next generation of coupled climate models and the predicted atmospheric excitation of length of day";
in: "Proceedings of the Journées 2019: "Astrometry, Earth Rotation and Reference Systems in the Gaia Era"", issued by: Observatoire de Paris; Journees "Systemes de reference spatio-temporels", Paris, 2020, 287 - 290.

English abstract:
The Earth´s climate, past, present, and future, is one of the most important topicsof our time. The Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) is a globaleffort to gatheroutputs of climate models from numerous institutions worldwide, built on common experimentaldesign with standardized target quantities. We investigate the historical and predicted evolutionof two such variables, namely the eastward zonal wind velocity and thesurface temperature, withthe aim of deriving connections between global warming (under different scenarios) and long-termvariations in the Earth rotation speed. Axial atmospheric angular momentum functions and trendsthereof were calculated from one model of CMIP phase 6 and compared to results from a previouswork that used a CMIP5 model. Both studies reveal an increase in axialatmospheric angularmomentum (with the magnitude depending on the assumed scenario), which would result in acorresponding slowing of Earth rotation.

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