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N. Pfeifer, J. Falkner, A. Bayr, L. Eysn, C. Ressl:
"Test Charts for Evaluating Imaging and Point Cloud Quality of Mobile Mapping Systems for Urban Street Space Acquisition";
Remote Sensing, 13 (2021), 2; 237-1 - 237-17.

English abstract:
Mobile mapping is in the process of becoming a routinely applied standard tool to support administration of cities. For ensuring the usability of the mobile mapping data it is necessary to have a practical method to evaluate the quality of different systems, which reaches beyond 3D accuracy of individual points. Such a method must be objective, easy to implement, and provide quantitative results to be used in tendering processes. We present such an approach which extracts quality figures for point density, point distribution, point cloud planarity, image resolution, and street sign legibility. In its practical application for the mobile mapping campaign of the City of Vienna (Austria) in 2020 the proposed test method proved to fulfill the above requirements. As an additional result, quality figures are reported for the panorama images and point clouds of three different mobile mapping systems.

point density; point distribution; street sign legibility; dense matching; laser scanning

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