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A. Strauss, J. Bien, H.-B. Neuner, C. Harmening, C. Seywald, M. Österreicher, K. Voit, E. Pistone, P. Spyridis, K. Bergmeister:
"Sensing and monitoring in tunnels testing and monitoring methods for the assessment of tunnels";
Structural Concrete, 21 (2020), 4; 1356 - 1376.

English abstract:
The paper presents a review of testing methods and a classification of strategies and tools in terms of technologies and techniques applied to the monitoring of
tunnels. In particular, the topic is contextualized through a brief introduction in Chapter 1, followed by defect taxonomy and degradation mechanisms in
Chapters 2 and 3, respectively. Chapters 4 and 5 are related to monitoring strategies and technologies. The former consists of purpose-based categorization of
monitoring policies, while the latter consists of classification of monitoring methods including nondestructive and semidestructive techniques as well as of
classification of various types of sensors also based on the physical or chemical quantity measured. General rules of implementation and operation of tunnel
monitoring systems are presented taking into account international expert knowledge as well as contemporary practical experience in Austria. Considered
issues are related to the fib Model Code 2020 (MC2020) focused on evaluation of structural performance assisted by monitoring and testing. Chapter 6 presents
challenges related to the monitoring implementation and operation. Chapter 7 discusses about monitoring characteristics in new tunnel, including
data acquisition-transmission and specific monitoring techniques. Chapter 8 instead treats a particular topic related to considerations related to monitoring
characteristics of existing tunnel under investigation. Concluding remarks and references finally close the paper.

monitoring strategies, monitoring technologies, taxonomy of tunnel monitoring

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