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P. Matgen, S. Martinis, W. Wagner, V. Freeman, P. Zeil, N. McCormick:
"Feasibility assessment of an automated, global, satellite-based flood monitoring product for the Copernicus Emergency Management Service";
Report for EU; Report No. JRC119812, 2020; 52 pages.

English abstract:
This report presents the results of the work carried out by an Expert Group, which was set up by the European Commission´s Joint Research Centre (JRC), and composed of scientific experts and representatives from industry and the research community, complemented by experts from the Commission´s JRC and DG GROW, with the aim of assessing the feasibility of an operational, global, automated, satellite-based flood monitoring product, within the CEMS framework. The specific objectives of the report are the following: a) To evaluate the user requirements in relation to improving the preparedness, management and response to floods, taking into account already existing tools. b) To analyse and evaluate the feasibility, and the scientific and technical issues that should be resolved, with regard to the implementation of an operational, global, automated, satellite-based flood-monitoring product. c) To propose a feasible methodology for an automated, global satellite-based flood monitoring product, that would be suitable for inclusion as part of CEMS.

Environment and climate change, Safety and security

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