Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

B. Zhunis:
"Cross-Cultural Differences In Topographic Map Design Perception";
Supervisor: G. Gartner, S. Klettner; Department für Geodäsie und Geoinformation, FB Kartographie, 2020; final examination: 09-29-2020.

English abstract:
It is common knowledge that the visual appearance of a map makes a significant contribution to its quality and functionality. But do we perceive it differently at the scale of cultures? Are there any group behavioural patterns in cognitive performance whilst communicating a map? The aim of this thesis was to broaden current knowledge of how individuals with different cultural mindsets perceive, read, and interpret the map itself. Particularly, it was
examined through the topographic map variables due to its exceptional design specific to one country.
The user experiment on the detection of differences in cognitive performance through the map-reading tasks and topographic map design assessment was executed among 50 participants from the European and Central Asian countries. For that reason, the map samples were created replicating the design style of Austrian and Kazakhstan national mapping agencies. The data inputs gathered after the think-aloud session were then
analyzed and discussed. The findings provide some contradictory and yet significant knowledge of patterns and psychological phenomena accompanying a map perception by the users with a different mentality.

topographic map design, cross-cultural differences in cognitive styles, cognitive development, cultural dimensions, Western and Asian mindset

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