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G. Teodori, H.-B. Neuner:
"Analysis of the Yaw Observability in GNSS-INS Integration for UAV Pose Estimation";
in: "Contributions to International Conferences on Engineering Surveying", A. Kopacik (ed.); Springer Nature Switzerland, Zürich, 2020, (invited), 1 - 11.

English abstract:
The quality of pose estimation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
via the integration of Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) and Global Navigation
Satellite Systems (GNSS) is primarily affected by sensor specific errors and flight
manoeuvres. Especially the yaw estimation is subject to larger drifts. As part of
this paper, a detailed analysis of the latter influence factor is carried out with the
aim of improving the yaw estimation within an error state-space Kalman filter.
The results indicate that the observability of the yaw error states increases during
manoeuvring phases with horizontal acceleration components. As observability
refers to the ability of estimating states, such manoeuvring can reduce the drift of
the yaw angle significantly.

INS/GNSS-integration Observability UAV

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