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F. Linzer, M. Papcova, H.-B. Neuner:
"Quantification of Systematic Distance Deviations for Scanning Total Stations Using Robotic Applications";
in: "Contributions to International Conferences on Engineering Surveying", A. Kopacik (ed.); Springer Nature Switzerland, Zürich, 2020, (invited), 1 - 11.

English abstract:
The incidence angle (IA) of the measuring beam and influences due to different materials cause
unacceptable systematic deviations when it comes to high-precision surveying tasks in the field of
engineering geodesy. For the determination of these distance deviations, an approach is introduced, which
is based on the absolute comparison between reference measurements and laser scans. However, the
implementation of the developed method, which reveals this influence for scanning total stations, was
conducted manually by an operator. Thus, the invested expenditure is considered to be very high. In this
paper, a further development of the approach is presented which mainly introduces robotic-based
automations in order to significantly reduce the required effort for data acquisition. We show that the
automation has nearly no impact on the accuracy of the obtained error curves, as these are consistent to
results obtained about three years ago. Furthermore, a higher discretization level of the error curves could
be achieved.

Incidence angle (IA) - Automations - ROS - Systematic deviations

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