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G. Mandlburger:
"Technology overview, new applications and ongoing testing in single-photon LiDAR";
Talk: Geospatial Content Solutions User Group Meeting 2020, Seville, Spain (invited); 2020-02-19 - 2020-02-21.

English abstract:
Single-photon LiDAR and conventional linear-mode LiDAR product continue to develop. Therefore, an understanding of the operating concepts and data resulting from of each technology is important in selecting the appropriate technology for a given application. A comparison of the single-photon and waveform-based linear-mode LiDAR technology will be considered, using data acquired over similar areas as examples of resulting data characteristics. This introduction provides background for a preview of a new application for single-photon technology, that of water surface measurement in river environments. This new work, performed with the Leica SPL100, will be presented in a first look, showing the potential for use of single-photon technology in this novel area. Finally, an overview will be presented of the proposed EuroSDR airborne sensor benchmarking project, where different technologies can be demonstrated over a calibrated area, where a wide variety of targets and terrain types are available.

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