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T. Fischer, M. Jobst:
"On the Suitability and Potential of Nursing Care Discussion Forums as a Health Promotion Measure for Long-Distance Caregiving Relatives: Evidence from Upper Austria";
Healthcare, 4 (2019).

English abstract:
Background: The number of persons who have to overcome extensive geographical distances for caring for their older parent(s), hereinafter referred to as long-distance caregiving relatives
(LDCs), is rising. However, in the non-English-speaking Global North, little is known about the LDCs´ health literacy and the design of tailor-made health promotion measures for this target-group.
Using the example of nursing care discussion forums (NCDF), this paper reflects the requirements and (future) potential of professionally-lead support groups for LDCs on the case-study example of Upper Austria. Methods: In order to approach this unexplored topic considering spatial-related aspects, a qualitative-explorative study design was chosen, focusing on the providers´ perspective.
A written survey among all NCDF-group leaders was carried out. Results: LDCs do not make use of NCDFs at present. It is considered that this is above all for time constraints, lack of information and
location-based problems of fit. This applies for urban as well as rural contexts. Conclusions: LDCs need more attention in public health. Suitable NCDFs have to be located in the LCDs´ residential
municipalities and have to fulfill different requirements from those of local caregiving relatives, particularly with regard to purpose and scope.

long-distance caregiving relatives; health promotion; nursing care discussion forums; requirements; problems of fit; location planning; spatial context; expert survey; Upper Austria

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