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A. de Witt, C. Jacobs, D. Gordon, H. Krasna, K. Le Bail, B. Soja, J. McCallum, J. Quick, S. Horiuchi:
"The K-Band celestial reference Frame: First imaging results";
Poster: Journées 2019, Paris, Frankreich; 2019-10-07 - 2019-10-09; in: "Journées 2019: Astrometry, Earth Rotation and Reference Systems in the Gaia Era", (2019).

English abstract:
A K-band (24 GHz) celestial reference frame of more than 900 sources covering the full sky has been constructed. K-band observations are motivated by their ability to access more compact source morphology and reduced core shift relative to the standard S/X frequencies. At the standard S/X frequencies, many ICRF radio sources exhibit spatially extended structure, degrading the accuracy of estimated source positions. Our more recent VLBA astrometric observations at 2 Gbps provide sensitive, high-resolution multi-epoch imaging of hundreds of sources at K-band. In this poster we present imaging results from our first VLBA K-band astrometric observations at 2 Gbps. We also present preliminary dual polarisation imaging results from our first 4 Gbps test observations using the VLBA.

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