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M. Schartner, J. Böhm, A. Müskens, A. Nothnagel, C. Plötz:
"In-depth analysis of schedules optimized for certain VLBI experiments using VieSched++";
in: "Proceedings of the 24th European VLBI Group for Geodesy and Astrometry Working Meeting", R. Haas, S Garcia-Espada, J.A. Lopez Fernandez (ed.); Chalmers University of Technology, 2019, ISBN: 978-84-416-5634-5, 167 - 171.

English abstract:
Scheduling is an integral part of every VLBI experiment and, at this stage, already determines the geometric stability of the final solution. To increase the quality of the schedule, the TU Wien scheduling concept consists of two steps. The newly developed VLBI scheduling software VieSched++ offers the possibility to generate hundreds of different schedules for a single experiment automatically. Each of these schedules is then simulated hundreds of times using the VieVS VLBI module ending up with hundred thousands of simulations for a single experiment. The results are used to investigate the connection between scheduling optimization criteria and scheduling parameters with geodetic results gained during the analysis of simulations for the selection of the best suited schedule for the session at hand. In this work, we are providing an in-depth analysis of these correlations for the schedule of the T2129 session. We will show the importance of OHIGGINS for this network and highlight which optimization criteria play the biggest role in this session.

Scheduling, VieVS, VieSched++

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