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J. Paffenholz, C. Harmening, V. Gikas:
"3D point cloud based spatio-temporal monitoring";
Poster: 27th IUGG General Assembly, Montreal, Canada (invited); 2019-07-08 - 2019-07-18.

English abstract:
This contribution outlines selected activities of the IAG WG 4.1.3 in the field of 3D point cloud based spatio-temporal monitoring in the past four years. The focus of the work is on spatio-temporal monitoring of artificial and natural objects with the aid of 3D point clouds acquired by means of terrestrial laser scanner partially embedded in multi-sensor-systems. The emphasis will primarily be
placed on the laser scanning technology and to a certain extent on digital cameras. From the several conducted experiments we will focus on loading tests of a historic masonry arch bridge as well as on results of the evaluation of objects' abstraction for epochal comparison by means of point-wise, areas-based and shape-based approaches. First, we will present results of the load-induced
arch displacements on the bridge by means of 3D point clouds acquired by terrestrial laser scanner. Second, a 3D point cloud-based quanti cation of soil erosion is outlined. Third, results of
the scanning of live blue mussels are shown. Fourth, we point to fundamental research in the area of 3D point cloud approximation by means of B-spline surface.

Laser Scanning, Deformation Monitoring, 3D-Point Clouds

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