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A. de Witt, M. Nickola, C. Jacobs, K. Le Bail, D. Gordon, M. Schartner, J. Gruber, F. Shu, J. McCallum, S. Weston, T. Natusch, S. Horiuchi:
"The Southern VLBI Operations Centre (SVOC)";
Talk: 24th Meeting of the European VLBI Group for Geodesy and Astrometry, Gran Canaria, Spain; 2019-03-17 - 2019-03-19.

English abstract:
Astrometric catalogs of compact extra-galactic radio sources are generally weaker in the south in both density and precision. The current S/X band Celestial Reference Frame(CRF) has deficiencies by factors of 2-3 in the south. In order to improve the S/X CRF in the south we discuss the progress towards a Southern VLBI Operations Centre(SVOC). We introduce the contributing institutions and present the goals of the SVOC, programmes to be supported, describe functions to be performed and discuss planned upgrades. We also provide details of our efforts, to date, to improve both the density and precision of the southern CRF.

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