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M. Schartner, J. Böhm:
"VieSched++: A new Scheduling Tool in VieVS";
in: "IVS 2018 General Meeting Proceedings", issued by: Kyla L. Armstrong, Karen D. Baver, and Dirk Behrend; NASA/CP-2019-219039, 2019, 71 - 75.

English abstract:
Scheduling is an integral part of every VLBI experiment. The task of a scheduler is to create the sequence of observed sources for each station. Because the amount of possible source sequences is extremely high, selecting the best sequence is a challenging problem and can be exploited for optimization. Typically scheduling software is used to automate this process. With the VGOS era approaching, high demands are posed on scheduling software. We present a new scheduling software called VieSched++ as part of the Vienna VLBI and Satellite Software (VieVS)[3] which is able to fulfill those requirements. This software follows many new ideas concerning the algorithms used to create schedules and support various new features. It is written from scratch, keeping VGOS requirements in mind. First results using the new scheduling software look very promising.

Scheduling, VieSched++, VieVS

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