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D. Landskron, J. Böhm, T. Klügel, T. Schüler:
"Comparing atmospheric data and models at station Wettzell during CONT17";
Advances in Geosciences, 50 (2019), 1 - 7.

English abstract:
During the Continuous Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) Campaign 2017 (CONT17), carried out from 28 November through 12 December 2017, an extensive data set of atmospheric observations was acquired at the Geodetic Observatory Wettzell. In addition to in situ measurements of temperature, humidity, pressure or wind speed at the surface, radiosonde ascents yielded meteorological parameters continually up to 25 km height, and integrated water vapor (IWV) was obtained at several elevations and azimuths from a water vapor radiometer. Troposphere delays estimated from Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) observations plus comparative values from two different Numerical Weather Models (NWMs) complete the abundance of data. In this presentation, we compare these data sets to parameters of the Vienna Mapping Functions 1 and 3 (VMF1 & VMF3), which are based on NWM data by the ECMWF, and to estimates of VLBI analysis using the Vienna VLBI and Satellite Software (VieVS). On the one hand, we contrast the variety of troposphere delays in zenith direction with each other, while on the other hand we utilize radiosonde data and meteorological observations at the site to create local mapping functions which can then be compared to VMF3 and VMF1 at Wettzell. In general, we thus received very good accordance between the different solutions. Also in terms of the mapping functions, the local radiosonde mapping function is in consistence with VMF1 and VMF3 with differences less than 5 mm at 5∘ elevation.

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