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G. Retscher, V. Gikas, H. Hofer, H. Perakis, A. Kealy:
"Range validation of UWB and Wi-Fi for integrated indoor positioning";
Applied Geomatics (invited), 11 (2019), 2; 187 - 195.

English abstract:
In this paper, we address the challenge of robust indoor positioning using integrated UWB and Wi-Fi measurements. A key limitation of any fusion algorithm is whether the distribution that describes the random errors in the measurements has been correctly specified. Here, we describe the details of a set of practical experiments conducted on a purpose built calibration range, to evaluate the performance of a ommercial UWB sensors with Wi-Fi measurements as captured by an in-house smartphone application. In this paper, we present comparisons of ranges from the UWB sensors and the Wi-Fi built into the smartphone to true ranges obtained from a robotic total station. This approach is validated in both static and kinematic tests. The calibration range has been established as one component of an indoor laboratory to undertake a more diverse research agenda into robust indoor positioning systems. The experiments presented here have been conducted collaboratively under the joint FIG (WG5.5) and IAG (SC4.2) working groups on multi-sensor systems.

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