Publications in Scientific Journals:

M. Perebner, H. Huang, G. Gartner:
"Applying user-centred design for smartwatchbased pedestrian navigation system";
Journal of Location Based Services, 2 (2019).

English abstract:
The characteristics of a smartwatch impose several challenges
regardig the design of a pedestrian navigation aid. This paper
illustrates how landmark-based pedestrian navigation systems
for smartwatches can be developed, considering the small
screen sizes as well as the very limited interaction capacities of
these wrist-worn devices. Particularly, by the use of a usercentred
design approach, an initial user interface was developed,
tested, and refined in two field experiments to create
a final user interface. A combination of map view and direction
view was proposed, where the map view provides an overview
of the environment and route, while the direction view gives
clear instructions (turning information) for decision points. The
interface was further enhanced by the use of vibrations before
decision points. In addition, landmarks were carefully considered
and incorporated into both map view and direction view. The
field experiments showed that these key features of the revised
interface can effectively support pedestrian navigation via

Pedestrian navigation; smartwatch; landmark; user-centred design; field study

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