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H. Huang, G. Gartner, J. Krisp, M. Raubal, N. van de Weghe:
"Location based services: ongoing evolution and research agenda";
Journal of Location Based Services, 12 (2018).

English abstract:
We are now living in a mobile information era, which is fundamentally
changing science and society. Location Based Services (LBS),
which deliver information depending on the location of the (mobile)
device and user, play a key role in this mobile information era. This
article first reviews the ongoing evolution and research trends of the
scientific field of LBS in the past years. To motivate further LBS
research and stimulate collective efforts, this article then presents a
series of key research challenges that are essential to advance the
development of LBS, setting a research agenda for LBS to `positively´
shape the future of our mobile information society. These research
challenges cover issues related to the core of LBS development (e.g.
positioning, modelling, and communication), evaluation, and analysis
of LBS-generated data, as well as social, ethical, and behavioural
issues that rise as LBS enter into people´s daily lives.

Location based services; research trends; research agenda; mobile devices; context-aware computing

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