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A. Kealy, G. Retscher:
"Robuts Positioning in Indoor Environments";
Talk: FIG Congress 2018, Istanbul, Turkey (invited); 2018-05-06 - 2018-05-11; in: "FIG Congress 2018", (2018).

English abstract:
Achieving robust GNSS-like positioning capabilities in difficult environments such as indoors, present many challenges. New technologies offer much potential but each possess their inherent strengths and weaknesses all of which impact significantly on the goal of delivering seamless indoor/outdoor positioning capabilities. In this paper, the technologies currently dominating the indoor positioning field are presented. It also summaries some of the major approaches and methodologies under investigation or which demonstrated the ability to harness their strengths and deliver enhanced performance capabilities. The current state of these technologies as well as the future research challenges for indoor positioning will also be discussed.

GNSS/GPS, Positioning

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