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G. Retscher:
"Indoor Positioning in Multi-modal Transit Situations based on Differential Wi-Fi and Inertial Navigation";
Talk: IE Seminar at The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia (invited); 2018-05-25.

English abstract:
The development of indoor navigation systems has become a growing field of research interest in recent years as many applications nowadays require seamless ubiquitous positioning in combined out- and indoor environments. There are still many unresolved challenges in such type of applications. This talk aims to provide an insight into the use of the most prominent signal of opportunity Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi). Two newly developed approaches based on the measurement of the received signal strength (RSS) of the surrounding access points (APs) are introduced, the first one based on trilateration, the second one on location fingerprinting. It could be proven in both use cases that the new CP DWi-Fi approach together with iCP detection and IN outperforms conventional localization algorithms due to a significant improvement of the indoor positioning and tracking accuracy.

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