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G. Retscher, Y. Li, S. Williams, A. Kealy, B. Moran, S. Goel, J. Gabela:
"Wi-Fi Positioning Using a Network Differential Approach for Real-time Calibration";
Talk: IGNSS Conference 2018, Sydney, Australia (invited); 2018-02-07 - 2018-02-09; in: "IGNSS 2018 Conference", (2018), Paper ID 25, 15 pages.

English abstract:
For Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) Received Signal Strength (RSS) based indoor positioning, fingerprinting is one of the widely-employed methods which can offer relatively high positioning accuracy. However, conventional fingerprinting methods normally do the site survey once, which is not resistant to the dynamic environment change. Continuously updating the fingerprint database is a promising way to enhance the achievable positioning accuracy. For that purpose, a Differential Wi-Fi (DWi-Fi) scheme by analogy to DGPS is developed and applied.
DWi-Fi is a network calibration method based on reference station measurements, which is able to derive the area correction parameters in the triangle network of the three reference station. In this way, the recorded RSS measurements at the userīs end are corrected, the fingerprinting database is continuously updated, thus to adapt to the possible changes in the dynamics of the environment,
In this paper, both static and kinematic tests using different devices are conducted to demonstrate the accuracy of the proposed system. Furthermore, the performance of the proposed DWi-Fi based fingerprinting algorithm is compared to the performance of the Hidden Markov Model (HMM) tracking system based on the histogram-probabilistic fingerprinting.

Differential Wi-Fi, Calibration, Fingerprinting, Networked approach, Wi-Fi localization

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