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I. Ali, S. Cao, V. Freeman, C. Paulik, W. Wagner:
"Methods to Remove the Border Noise From Sentinel-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar Data: Implications and Importance For Time-Series Analysis";
IEEE Journal Of Selected Topics In Applied Earth Observations And Remote Sensing, 11 (2018), 3; 777 - 786.

English abstract:
The Sentinel-1 GRD (ground range detected) Level-1 product generated by the Instrument Processing Facility of the European Space Agency has noise artifacts at the image borders, which are quite consistent at both left and right sides of the satellite's cross track and at the start and end of the data take along track. The Sentinel-1 border noise troubles the creation of clean and consistence time series of backscatter. Data quality control and management become very challenging tasks, when it comes to the large-scale data processing, both in terms of spatial coverage and data volume. In this paper, we evaluate three techniques for removing the Sentinel-1 border noise and compare the results with the existing "Sentinel-1 GRD Border Noise Removal" algorithm implemented in the Sentinel-1 toolbox of the Sentinel application platform. Validation and evaluation of the newly proposed algorithms was done using random samples containing 1500 Sentinel-1 scenes selected from a complete Sentinel-1 archive. The newly proposed approach has successfully achieved the required level of accuracy and solved the issue of time-series anomalies due to the border noise.

C-band synthetic aperture radar (SAR), interferometric wide swath (IW), Sentinel-1, Sentinel application platform (SNAP), Sentinel-1 border noise

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