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F. Ledermann:
"Analyzing processes of transformation and representation in modern web maps";
Talk: Guest Lecture at the Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography (IfL), Leipzig, DE (invited); 2017-11-20.

English abstract:
With my work, I am trying to exploit the underlying structures of digital online maps to develop new tools for analyzing the processes of transformation and representation put to work in them. Modern digital maps are often delivered not as static images, but in the form of data accompanied by program code, containing the instructions for the recipient's computer for how to render the map and, potentially, how to dynamically alter its appearance over time (through animation, interaction, sensor readings etc.). By using automated reverse engineering techniques on such cartographic programs, it is possible to trace each cartographic mark generated by a program (geometry, color, text etc.) back through the code (containing the rules for how the marks are created) to its origins in either data or code.

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