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H. Hofer, G. Retscher:
"Seamless Navigation Using GNSS and Wi-Fi/IN with Intelligent Checkpoints";
Journal of Location Based Services, 11 (2017), 3-4; 204 - 221.

English abstract:
The aim of this work is to combine smartphone components which can be used for navigation in order to improve the accuracy of positioning. Intelligently chosen checkpoints along the userīs trajectory are selected and recognised by the wireless module using a location fingerprinting strategy. These waypoints (referred to as iCPs) are placed following a logical sequence with their ascending orders so that they must be passed and can be distinguished well. Moreover, the inertial sensors and the digital compass are used to detect changes in positioning continuously. While walking, the performed dynamic recognition of the iCPs reduces sensor drift as their recognition serves as absolute position update. Conducted experiments in a multi-storey office building indicated that positioning accuracy of 1.9 m on average is achievable if Wi-Fi and sensors data are combined. In contrast, with standalone GPS deviations of 19.8 m on average were obtained. Furthermore, an improvement of inertial navigation from around 6.0 m for the destination point to 1.5 m is achieved on average by the integrated positioning approach. This achievement goes along with a reduction of workload by three quarter using this novel approach as the number of reference points for training is reduced significantly.

Wi-Fi positioning, Pedestrian navigation, inertial navigation, location sensor, indoor user localisation

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