Publications in Scientific Journals:

R. Bornberg, A. Viaro, G. Gartner, A. Voigt:
"Mapping Indonesian Settlements: Investigation of Indonesia´s diversity in the built environment";
Journal of Comparative Cultural Studies in Architecture (JCCS-a), 10 (2017), 29 - 34.

English abstract:
The Indonesian archipelago offers a variety of different cultures. Each ethnic group had - and in many cases still has - its own social self-image, with certain rites and a special way for the organisation of every day life. This self-concept is also expressed in the shape and layout of the compounds, villages and cities. By investigating structures, patterns and the diversity of Indonesian settlements the cultural language of space can be seen as a spatial signature which, when visualised and mapped, can be used for documentation, analysis and presentation, thus to allow for decision makers, domain experts and the public to get better insights in this cultural heritage aspect and enable the development for concepts of spatial development.

Kampung, Indonesian traditional villages, town planning, mapping of socio-spatial urban and village elements, cartography

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