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C. Harmening, G. Teodori, H.-B. Neuner:
"Evaluating the freeform modelling of point clouds by means of a test specimen";
Talk: 7th International Conference on Engineering Surveying, Lissabon (invited); 2017-10-18 - 2017-10-20; in: "Ingeo 2017, Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Engineering Surveying", A. Kopáčik et al. (ed.); (2017), 255 - 264.

English abstract:
Areal measurement techniques like laser scanning require a change in engineering geodetic analysis strategies from a point wise perspective to an areal one. Usually, areal analysis strategies include a modelling of the acquired laser scanning point clouds in order to reduce the amount of data while preserving as much information as possible. A major advantage of the continuous geometric modelling is the description of the geometric shape and of its deformations by means of the parameters of the fitted surface. In this sense, freeform surfaces like B-splines have proven to be a suitable tool to model laser scanner point clouds. At TU Wien a test specimen with B-spline form was manufactured, forming the basis for the evaluation of the developed analysis strategies.
The aim of the paper is twofold: On the one hand the actual form of the test specimen is evaluated by means of a high-precision hand scanner and compared to the nominal one. On the other hand the well-known form of the specimen is used to compare the error characteristics of three laser scanners working according to different scanning principles.

B-Spline surfaces, form evaluation, laser scanning, point cloud modelling

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