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G. Retscher:
"Research in the Field of Indoor Localization at TU Wien";
Talk: Guest Lecture at the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China (invited); 2017-09-12.

English abstract:
The development of indoor navigation systems has become a growing field of research interest in recent years as many applications nowadays require seamless ubiquitous positioning in combined out-/indoor environments. There are still many unresolved challenges in such type of applications. This talk aims to provide an insight into the use of a prominent signal of opportunity, namely Wi-Fi. Two new approaches developed at the TU Wien - Vienna University of Technology, Austria are introduced. In the first one, localization fingerprinting is the employed positioning method. A so-called `intelligent check-point´ (iCP) concept has been developed to reduce the laborious work in training for the establishment of reference points and radio maps of Wi-Fi signal strength distributions located throughout the area of interest. The second approach is based on the well-known DGPS principle. We term it Differential Wi-Fi (DWi-Fi) whereby from measurements to reference stations area correction parameters are derived and applied for positioning determination of a mobile user. The integration with inertial navigation (IN) using the smartphone sensors, such as accelerometers, digital compass and gyroscopes, is also discussed and a cooperative positioning (CP) approach is introduced. Furthermore, research work on the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and ambient magnetic fields in combination with the other technologies is presented. The technologies have been extensively tested in a multi-storey office building. The main findings are highlighted in this presentation. It is shown that the employed technologies are capable to locate a user carrying a smartphone or other mobile device in complex buildings, like office buildings, hospitals, airports, train stations, hotels, convention centers, etc.

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