Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

M. Rahman:
"Legend-less Maps";
Supervisor: M. Kraak, G. Gartner; Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation, University of Twente, 2017; final examination: 09-27-2017.

English abstract:
Now a day we see many maps without legend. Academic literature on legend is limited and most of them dealing with the replacement of traditional legend with other form of legend. No scientific research has been done on legend-less maps although maps are available, particularly in news media.
In this research, maps have been designed with legend, replacing legend by annotation and putting legend in the title in case of three main thematic maps (chorochromatic, choropleth, isopleth and proportional symbol). Designed maps are tested to measure the usability of different version of maps in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and satisfactions. Stages of map reading process described by Bertin (1983) also have been tested.
Mixed methods have been used for usability survey including questionnaires, thinking aloud, eye tracking and video recording to conduct the tests. Designed maps with and without legend is presented as stimuli attached with three questions related to three level of map reading. Based on the answer, required time and attitude during the test, usability of maps with and without legend have been evaluated. Gaze plot have been analysed to evaluate the stages of map reading process.
It is found that none of the case matched with the successive stages of map reading described by Bertin (1983). In cases of legend-less maps, annotated and legend in title version of chorochromatic map appeared to be the best maps in terms of usability. In all other cases, maps with legend found as best maps in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction.

Legend, Legend-less maps

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