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C. Reimer, T. Melzer, W. Wagner:
"Long-Term Soil Moisture Data Records Derived From a Series of European Scatterometers";
in: "Comprehensive Remote Sensing", Volume 4; S. Liang (ed.); Elsevier, Elsevier, 2018, ISBN: 978-0-12-803221-3, 51 - 84.

English abstract:
The article gives an in-depth overview of historical and recent advancements in the soil moisture retrieval from European C-band scatterometer missions. The TU Wien soil moisture retrieval model is outlined and complemented with an overview of available global soil moisture products derived from ERS ESCAT and MetOp ASCAT. Finally, two methodologies are presented for the creation of a consistent soil moisture data record for climate change research.

Climate change; Climate data record; Scatterometer; Soil moisture

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