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C. Massari, C. Su, L. Brocca, Y. Sang, L. Ciabatta, D. Ryu, W. Wagner:
"Near real time de-noising of satellite-based soil moisture retrievals: An intercomparison among three different techniques";
Remote Sensing of Environment, 198 (2017), 17 - 29.

English abstract:
Real-time de-noising of satellite-derived soil moisture observations presents opportunities to deliver more accurate and timely satellite data for direct satellite users. So far, the most commonly used techniques for reducing the impact of noise in the retrieved satellite soil moisture observations have been based on moving average filters and Fourier based methods. This paper introduces a new alternative wavelet based approach called Wiener-Wavelet-Based Filter (WiW), which uses an entropy based de-noising method to design a causal version of the filter. WiW is used as a post-retrieval processing tool to enhance the quality of observations derived from one active (the Advanced Scatterometer, ASCAT) and one passive (the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer for Earth Observing System, AMSRE) satellite sensors. The filter is then compared with two candidate de-noising techniques, namely: i) a Wiener causal filter introduced by Su et al. (2013) and ii) a conventional moving average filter. The validation is carried out globally at 173 (for AMSRE) and 243 (for ASCAT) soil moisture stations. Results show that all the three de-noising techniques can increase the agreement between satellite and in situ measurements in terms of correlation and signal-to-noise ratio. The Wiener-based methods show least signal distortion and demonstrate to be conservative in retaining the signal information in de-noised data. Importantly, the Wiener filters can be calibrated with the data at hand, without the need for auxiliary data.

De-noising, Wavelet, Satellite soil moisture observations, Near real time

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