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C. Voigt, S. Dobner, M. Schmidt:
"Collaborative Mapping and the Reliability of Volunteered Data";
Talk: The Sixth International Conference on Advanced Collaborative Networks, Systems and Applications COLLA 2016, Barcelona; 11-13-2016 - 11-17-2016; in: "Proceedings of COLLA 2016", (2016), 8 pages.

English abstract:
Participation platforms, such as OpenStreetMap.org or Wheelmap.org represent a shift from a world defined by the few to a world where almost everyone can participate voluntarily. Emerging cultures of participation offer powerful mechanisms to raise awareness of some of today's most pressing societal problems. However, just because citizens could contribute to these platforms, does not mean that they
will actually do it. Engaging volunteers and offering straightforward
means of participation whilst simultaneously ensuring that volunteers meet the necessary quality standards remains a known challenge. In this paper, we explore the robustness of a collaborative mapping process, specifically collecting accessibility data of cities' built environment. The paper combines theoretical considerations from the field of participatory design and actual data from the authors' recent experiences with crowdsourcing open accessibility information. Finally, the paper makes the case for enhancing a categorical approach to mapping with a stronger consideration of a map's purpose and a healthy scepticism towards overly simplified crowdsourcing

participation platforms; digital maps; volunteered geographic information; participatory design

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