Contributions to Books:

H. Huang, G. Gartner:
"Using mobile crowdsourcing and geotagged social media data to study people´s affective responses to environments";
in: "European Handbook of Crowdsourced Geographic Information", C. Capineri, M. Haklay, H. Huang, V. Antoniou, J. Kettunen, F. Ostermann, R. Purves (ed.); Ubiquity Press London, 2016, ISBN: 978-1-909188-79-2, 385 - 399.

English abstract:
When travelling in space, humans perceive the environment and evaluate it affectively. This chapter illustrates how mobile crowdsourcing and social media data can be used to study people´s affective responses to different environments. It also showcases how these affective responses can be used to provide a better understanding of human−environment interaction, as well as to enable smart geospatial applications (particularly navigation systems). This chapter also discusses some essential challenges that need further investigations when crowdsourcing people´s affective responses. Some of these challenges are participation motivating, data quality and privacy.

Affective responses to environments, subjective geo-information, crowdsourcing, geotagged social media data

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