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H. Hofer, G. Retscher:
"Combined Out- and Indoor Navigation with Smart Phones Using Intelligent Check Points";
Poster: 13th International Symposium on Location-Based Services LBS 2016, Wien (invited); 2016-11-14 - 2016-11-16; in: "13th International Symposium on Location-Based Services LBS 2016", (2016), Paper ID 57, 9 pages.

English abstract:
Apart from a GNSS receiver, smart phones are nowadays equipped with further components, such as inertial sensors, a digital compass and a wireless module, which can be used for navigating. The aim of this work is to combine the data of these components in order to improve the accuracy of positioning in both outdoor and indoor areas. The idea behind is to intelligently choose check points along the userīs trajectory and recognize them by using the wireless module by using a WLAN fingerprinting strategy. The inertial sensors and the digital compass were used to detect changes in positioning.
The combination of the methods is an obvious solution. In this work a new approach is developed where fingerprinting is used to recognize certain points - referred to as check points - when they are passed and an inertial navigation system is used to calculate the positions between them. These check points are placed in an intelligent way so that they must be passed and can distinguished well by the fingerprinting algorithms. In this work we present the results by using fingerprinting algorithms to recognize these intelligent check points (iCPs).

Wi-Fi positioning, location fingerprinting, training phase, reference points, intelligent check points, inertial sensors, sensor fusion

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