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F. Ledermann:
"Initial Findings from Close Reading of Cartographic Programs";
Talk: ICA AGILE Workshop on Cartographically Oriented Programming Environments, Helsinki, Finland; 2016-06-14 - 2016-06-17; in: "Code Loves Maps: Cartographically Oriented Programming Environments", http://www.fgi.fi/fgi/research/code-loves-maps-cartographically-oriented-programming-environments, (2016), 4 pages.

English abstract:
A novel method for analyzing cartographic program code on a detailed level is presented in this paper. The method, loosely based on the grounded theory approach, has been applied to a corpus of cartographic programs to yield an empirically-derived taxonomy of cartographic operations, an initial analysis of structural aspects of cartographic programs, and visualizations of cartographic program code.

Code, Programming, Taxonomy, Cartographic Transformation, Grounded Theory.

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