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R. Quast, W. Wagner:
"Analytical solution for first-order scattering in bistatic radiative transfer interaction problems of layered media";
Applied Optics, 55 (2016), 20; 5379 - 5386.

English abstract:
An approximate solution to the radiative transfer equation for bistatic scattering from a rough surface covered by a tenuous distribution of particulate (scattering and absorbing) media is derived by means of a series expansion in the scattering coefficient 𝜅𝑠 of the covering layer up to the first order. The formulation of the successive orders of a scattering series is reviewed, and an analytic solution to the first-order interaction contribution is given by means of a series expansion of the azimuthally averaged product of the bidirectional reflectance distribution function of the surface and the scattering phase function of the covering layer.

Scattering; Scattering, rough surfaces; Mathematical methods in physics; Radar; Turbid media; Radiative transfer

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