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G. Retscher:
"Novel Indoor Localization Technologies Using Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi)";
Talk: LSGI Distinguished Lecture Series, Hong Kong (invited); 2016-05-14.

English abstract:
This talk aims to provide an insight into the use of a prominent signal of opportunity, namely Wi-Fi. Two new approaches developed at the TU Wien - Vienna University of Technology, Austria are introduced. In the first one, localization fingerprinting is the employed positioning method. A so-called `intelligent check-point´ (iCP) concept has been developed to reduce the laborious work for the establishment of reference points and radio maps of Wi-Fi signal strength distributions located throughout the area of interest. The second approach is based on the well-known DGPS principle. We term it Differential Wi-Fi (DWi-Fi). From measurements to reference stations area correction parameters are derived and applied for positioning determination of a mobile user. Both technologies have been extensively tested in a multi-storey office building. The main findings are highlighted in this presentation. It is shown that the two approaches are capable to located a user carrying a smartphone or other mobile device in complex buildings, like office buildings, hospitals, airports, train stations, hotels, convention centers, etc.

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