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V. Gikas, G. Retscher, A. Kealy, K. Zhang, J. Paffenholz, L. Ruotsalainen, H. Perakis, M. Santos:
"IAG SC 4.1 "Emerging Positioning Technologies and Applications" - Objectives and Structure for the Term 2015-19";
Poster: European Navigation Conference ENC 2016, Helsinki (invited); 2016-05-30 - 2016-06-02; in: "European Navigation Conference ENC 2016", (2016), Paper ID 111, 3 pages.

English abstract:
This paper presents the scientific objectives and the structure of the IAG Sub-Commission 4.1 for the new term 2015-19. Particularly, it discusses its role and placement within the Commission 4 of the IAG, it introduces the Working Groups and discusses their areas of specialty and specific objectives. The article concludes with a draft plan of dissemination activities scheduled for the first part of the term.

International Association of Geodesy; IAG Sub-Commission 4.1

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