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F. Ledermann, G. Gartner:
"mapmap.js: A Data-Driven Web Mapping API for Thematic Cartography";
Brazilian Journal of Cartography, 67 (2015), 5 (Special Issue ICC2015); 1043 - 1053.

English abstract:
Creating interactive maps for the web is a complex task. In this paper, we present mapmap.js, our approach to de- signing a high-level API that supports the creation of interactive thematic maps. We discuss the attributes high-level, transparent, data-driven and horizontal with respect to mapping APIs and argue why these are desirable qualities, and give an overview of some aspects of the design of theAPI. Examples implemented using mapmap.js are presented and discussed in the concluding section.

Web Cartography, Thematic Cartography, MappingAPIs

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