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M. Wunsch, A. Stibe, A. Millonig, S. Seer, C. Dai, K Schechtner, R. Chin:
"What makes you bike? Exploring Persuasive Strategies to Encourage Low-Energy Mobility";
Talk: 10th International Conference, PERSUASIVE 2015, Chicago, IL, USA; 06-03-2015 - 06-05-2015; in: "Persuasive Technology", T. MacTavish, S. Basapur (ed.); (2015), ISBN: 978-3-319-20305-8; 53 - 64.

English abstract:
This paper explores three persuasive strategies and their capacity to encourage biking as a low-energy mode of transportation. The strategies were designed based on: (I) triggering messages that harness social influence to facilitate more frequent biking, (II) a virtual bike tutorial to increase biker's self-efficacy for urban biking, and (III) an arranged bike ride to help less experienced bikers overcome initial barriers towards biking. The potential of these strategies was examined based on self-reported trip data from 44 participants over a period of four weeks, questionnaires, and qualitative interviews. Strategy I showed a significant increase of 13.5 percentage points in share of biking during the intervention, strategy II indicated an increase of perceived self-efficacy for non-routine bikers, and strategy III provided participants with a positive experience of urban biking. The explored strategies contribute to further research on the design and implementation of persuasive technologies in the field of mobility.

low-energy mobility, persuasion, biking, cycling, behavior change, transportation, sustainability, socially influencing systems

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