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G. Retscher, F. Obex:
"A User Assistance and Guidance Service for Multi-modal Public Transit Situations Based on Cooperative Positioning";
Talk: 9th International Symposium on Mobile Mapping Technology, Sydney, Australien (invited); 2015-12-09 - 2015-12-11; in: "9th International Symposium on Mobile Mapping Technology", (2015), Paper ID 20, 7 pages.

English abstract:
A better understanding of passenger movement at multi-modal transit situations for providing improved passenger assistance and guidance is the major aim of a study called InKoPoMoVer (Cooperative Positioning (CP) for Real-time User Assistance and Guidance at Multi-modal Public Transit Interchanges) conducted at the Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation of the Vienna University of Technology, Austria. By using a novel intelligent CP approach algorithms can be generated, which considerably increase the accuracy of person tracking, allowing for the derivation of movement patterns. Due to user support smoothly transit at the stations is enabled, thus the gap in current multimodal transport information systems where routing is not performed at the traffic interchange itself is closed. In this project a mobile LBS user is guided with an App and located with assistance of the whole user group employing CP. Then it is possible that App users help each other to find their way through complex environments such as multimodal public transport interchanges, airports, shopping malls, etc. Apart from technological developments the acceptance and end-user needs are considered and investigated in the study. End-users of such an assistance and guidance service are getting the right to withdraw their consent for transferring location based and other personal data at any time. In addition, they also get clear and comprehensive information when and for what they give away their personal data and location and its further use. In this paper the concept of transit assistance is introduced followed by a comprehensive discussion of the suitable CP localization techniques and sensors as well as the implementation strategy. Furthermore, ethical and usability aspects are discussed to ensure user-friendly results.

Cooperative Positioning CP, LBS, Transit situations, Assistance and guidance service, End-user acceptance

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