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C. Harmening, H.-B. Neuner:
"A constraint-based parameterization technique for B-spline surfaces";
Journal of Applied Geodesy (invited), 9 (2015), 3; 143 - 161.

English abstract:
Deformation analysis is one of the classical
tasks in engineering geodesy. The development of the laser
scanner has changed the data acquisition as well as the
analysis strategy: Instead of point based approaches, areal
ones move into focus. In this paper a project is presented
which aims to develop a spatiotemporal continuous collocation
in order to describe areal deformations.
The collocation requires among other things the modelling
of a deterministic trend which is realised by the estimation
of B-spline surfaces in the present study. One of the main
challenges in the estimation of such freeform surfaces is the
definition of an appropriate parameter form which is in the
focus of this contribution: An initial parameterization is obtained
by projecting the acquired point cloud onto a base
surface called Coons patch. By means of a reparameterization
these initial parameters are improved iteratively. In
order to handle irregular point densities, several strategies
to introduce boundary constraints into the adjustment are
developed, compared and evaluated.

laser scanning, deformation analysis, modelling, B-spline surfaces, boundary constraints

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