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F. Ledermann:
"mapmap.js: A high-level client-side API for interactive thematic maps";
Poster: FOSS4G Europe, Como; 2015-07-14 - 2015-07-17; in: "FOSS4G Europe Como 2015", M. Brovelli, M. Minghini, M. Negretti (ed.); Geomatics Workbooks, 12 (2015), ISSN: 1591-092x; 581 - 582.

English abstract:
With mapmap.js, we present our approach to implementing a high-level open source API for creating interactive thematic maps in the browser. mapmap.js supports geometry, data and metadata loading and transformation, selection and symbolization of map elements as well as specifying interaction, and comes with "batteries included", meaning every aspect of the implementation provides sensible defaults, but is open to modification or the provision of alternative implementations by the user.

web mapping, thematic mapping, internetkartographie, thematische kartographie

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